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Jiangsu Kai Yuan Chemical Fiber Co., LTD(Wuxi Kai Yuan Fiber Trading Co., Ltd)is an important production base of elastic fiber with PBT as the center. The company has more than 60 sets of single and two ply draw-texturing machines including Barmag type with online tension control and new generation Hongyuan 1200 type. The main products include PBT 20-300D series, cationic 30-50D series, full dullseries, flame retardant series, high shrinkage 30/12、60/24、75/24、90/24 etc. various specifications with different shrinkage rates, PBT/PET series. Meanwhile, develop and mass-produce colored series, recycle series, functional(cool feeling antibacterial) products with PBT T8 as the center; continuouslydevelop marketable differentiated products for middle and high-end marketaccording to customers' personalized demands.

At present, the company's products have passed OTEX-100 certification, and have beenfavored by the market of high-end warp knitting swimwear fabric, circularknitting starry sky fabric, weft knitting yoga fabric, stretch denim, doublecore yarn, all kinds of extended core-spun yarn. The finished products havebeen approved and designated for use by H&M, ADIDAS, Uniqlo, Decathlon andmany other brands.